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Leading an active lifestyle is strongly engrained into the Megir philosophy. Founded in 1997, Megir has grown to become an international brand with an agenda to empower fans and friends to embrace their BOLD, CURIOUS, ADVENTUROUS, and most importantly, ACTIVE selves.  

Megir is comprised of four main series - SPORT, LIFE, JEWELRY and CREATIVE.

The SPORT series explores the desires of being vivaciously ACTIVE.

The LIFE series emulates the need to embrace an ADVENTUROUS lifestyle.

The CREATIVE series embodies a seriously BOLD approach whilst the PILOT series endeavours to find what’s out there, fuelled by the CURIOUS mind.

The JEWELRY series represents exquisite life, when permanent jewelry, also on behalf of timeless friendship.

We encourage, promote and sponsor sporting teams and individuals to overcome the hurdles that may lead to a sedentary lifestyle.

Be you, be inspired and be active.