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by Andrew S |

Extreme sports, adventure and thrill-seeking is our true passion. At Megir, we love to get a little bruised and battered from a day of dirt biking on mountain trails or outdoor rock climbing. There are quite a few more extreme sports that are definitely on our bucket list! Wing gliding, flyboarding, white-water rafting, cave and cliff diving, … just to name a few!


The EXTREME SERIES is a collection of our toughest, most enduring watches, designed specifically to withstand not only the elements, but also force and movement. This series was originally inspired by our desire to create a stylish, comfortable and durable watch that can be worn during ANY sport.


The watches within the EXTREME SERIES are all water resistant, allowing you to wear the watch during sport activities without having to worry about accidental water/sweat damage. Furthermore, scratch- and impact-resistant Hardlex Crystal is used to ensure the glass remains in pristine condition, even if the occasional bump or scratch occurs during a tough climbing session! We’ve ensured the EXTREME SERIES watches remain securely in place by using a bracelet clasp that absolutely will not give way unless you are ready to take it off, to prevent any falls or losses. Additionally, the luminous watch hands allow you to check the time day or night, no matter when your adventure!




In addition to durability, our focus in creating the EXTREME SERIES watches has been to create stylish, unique pieces that can be comfortably worn during any sporting activity. The watches in the EXTREME SERIES are lightweight and have a high-quality leather or silicone band with considerable width for increased comfort and stability.

The EXTREME SERIES contains a large amount of choice in terms of band materials and detailing, case and dial alloy finishes (silver, gold, black or white) and sub-dial layouts. With so many opportunities to customise the watch to suit both your personal style and sports needs, what’s not to love?