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by Andrew Shehata |

Most of us have dreamt of experiencing the thrill of flooring a car the likes of a Ferrari 458 or a Lamborghini Murcielago for as long as we can remember. If you’ve had the chance to take a car like this for a spin on a race track, you’d know that these types of cars spark a kick of excitement and adventure, as well a feeling of sophistication and luxury from the moment you get in.
It is this experience of the combination of thrill and luxury that has inspired us to develop our newest watch series: the all new RACING SERIES. This series features a number of chronographic watches featuring a sub-dial layout inspired by the features of an engine odometer, and watch hands inspired by the sleek, geometric design of the modern race car. All watches feature a luminous design, where both the hands and hours illuminate in the dark after natural light exposure, mimicking the ‘light-up’ feature of the odometer in your car when you drive at night!
This watch series features a number of chronographic watches that emulate the adventurous, thrill-seeking excitement of auto racing through its enduring and robust design features, such as the use of Hardlex Crystal that is both scratch- and impact-resistant. The design of the watches in this series balances the tough, enduring nature of the products with touches of sophistication and luxury similar to that of timeless classic cars. The luxurious smooth leather band, alloy casing and weighted sensation indicate the quality of this timepiece, and ensure that this watch not only looks and feels great, but will outlast any adventure!
The RACING SERIES watches come in a variety of different colourways to suit your personal style, with alloy finishes in gold, silver, matte black and rose gold. The leather band options include stitched and unstitched, matte or glossy leather, as well as a silicone alternative. The designs within this collection further feature a variety of standard and oversized crowns and pushers, for an industrial twist. These variations in finishing touches allow us to guarantee that there is a model that perfectly suits your look!