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Army Special Series: Introducing a Bold New Men’s Watch Series


Chic, convenient, and durable, Megir’s Army Special series brings out the confidence of every men. Each piece of the collection is inspired from men’s preference of convenience and durability, but smart at the same time. Ingrained with Megir’s philosophy of encouraging an active lifestyle, the Army Special series is made to contain features of a sports watch which could withstand adventures while staying in style.

Wrist watches were created for the soldiers’ suitability during World War I who were sick of fishing their pocket watches. Through the years, the significance of watches evolved with time. A wrist watch can now tell a lot about a person. Watches are now worn not only for convenience but as fashion statements.

Megir Watches Army Special
Megir Watches Army Special

Since watches have become a loud speaker of a wearer personality, you should choose a men’s watch that is bold but capable. Some watches are sturdy but has left off the style, while some achieved the elegance but could not resist hardcore adventures. That is why Megir devised men’s watches that are both fashionably sleek and strong that matches every male psyche. The Army Special series is perfect for men who wants to give off an air of confidence.

Each carefully crafted watch from the series offers special chronograph features that can display dials for microsecond, second, minute, and calendar view. A vital feature for sports watches. The collection has a variety of watch designs that will suit any style. You can go with a strong character with Megir 2056, a classy spirit with Megir 2075, or go casual with Megir 2093.

There are a lot of possibilities with the Megir Army series men’s watches, all you need to do is look for the one that exudes your character. Just be you, be bold, be active.

Megir 2075

Megir Army Watches Series

Megir 2056

Army Watches Series

Megir 2093