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by Steven Chen •

Megir’s Racing Series: The Need for Speed

Even an adventure-seeker needs to be responsible of time. That is why you need a time companion that can keep up with your lifestyle. For motor sports athletes, time is one of the most important part of their existence. The absence of time would the absence of their victory, their competition. That is why suitable time carriers that perfectly fits their preference are developed. What’s more interesting is that Megir developed a time carrier that focuses not only function, but as well as style Megir proudly introduce the Racing series, a collection of men’s watches that matches your spirit of adventure. Megir’s racing series is inspired by your adventurous lifestyle. Every piece of Racing series are different form the other any other men’s watches. Why? Because it is sensational and flashier. Megir racing includes chronograph watch and a tachymeter features, two important components that clearly define a good race watch. A chronograph displays dials for microsecond, minute, hour, and calendar view. In short, you can use your wrist watch as a stopwatch. On the other hand, the tachymeter is used to make time and distance calculations. A perfect equipment for your adventurous side. Style is one element that Megir never disregard. We always prioritize durability but not risking the need for creativity. Megir’s watches are made of fine materials. Racing series units are combinations of silicone and leather that offers durability and style. You can wear them on special events, social gatherings, or even a simple walk in the park. But the Racing series is also suitable if you love the thrill of a fast joy ride and adrenaline-filled climbing. It is a comfortable fit to your hand and very convenient for any terrain and weather conditions. Even if you are in casual gatherings or packed for a long bike ride, Megir’s Racing series watches is your number one companion. Megir has all watch types that you need. It fits all your personality and style; may it be BOLD, CURIOUS, ACTIVE, or ADVENTUROUS, Megir has it all for you. Megir 2118 Megir 2045 Megir 2051