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What is a Chronograph Watch and How to Use it

Chronograph is a watch type that is a combination of a display watch and a stopwatch. Compared to a simple analog watch, chronograph watches have dials that display and keep track of the seconds, minutes, and hours. Over the years, watch brands have innovated the concept of chronograph and added complex features like calendar display and tachymeters. In this blog, you’ll find out what a chronograph is and how practical it is to have one.   Rich History of the Chronograph Long before, chronograph wrist watches was not a common accessory for men, it was used byresearchers. The very first modern chronograph was invented by Louis Moinet in 1816 solely for astronomical purposes. Thanks to King LouIs XVIII,chronograph was adopted to men’s wrist watches.It was King LouIs XVIII that changed what you wearing today. Now, chronograph is considered best watches for men who involve piloting airplanes, car racing, diving, mountain climbing, and even casual wear.   Uses and Functionality Some may get intimidated by a chronograph’s complexity but that can simply be resolved by choosing the best watch that suits your style, purpose, and functionality. There are a lot of men’s watches in the market and a wide variety of chronograph. But even if there’s a lot of them in the vast timepiece industry, you can find a brand that offers simple and easy-to-use men’s chronograph watch. Here is an example of a simple chronograph watch:   Similar to an analog watch, it has the presence of a simple display watch. The display watch, like any other watch, tells the usual time. This chronograph watch is no more complicated than other wrist watches, It has the basic features of a common chronograph men’s watch.As you notice, there are three small dials within the display watch. These dials are stopwatches that keep track of the seconds, minutes, and hours. One full rotation of the seconds dial equates to a minute, a full rotation of the minutes dial is equal to an hour, and a full rotation of the hours dial is already 24 hours.But why do you need a chronograph when the display watch is enough to count the seconds, minutes, and hours?As repeatedly said, the chronograph is used as a stopwatch. Let’s take the inspiration of the purpose of the very first marketed chronograph watch as an example.King Louis XVIII loves horse racing. In racing, speed is the weapon. The king wanted to measure the races of the horses and commissioned a watchmaker to create one that would do so. If you take a simple analog watch, you need to steadily observe the watch’s hand and count with each movement. Using a chronograph, the duration of the race can be accurately measured just by clicking a certain button that will start the counting of each second, minute, and hour. This is are the simple functions of Megir’s chronograph men’s sports watch 2084. The first button at the top is for the chronograph dials. Once you press this button, it will automatically start the stopwatch. Another press would stop or pause the counting. If you want the timer to start again, the third button will reset the chronograph to its original position. Simple isn’t it. Those are the only buttons you need to start the chronograph. The middle button is for the display watch and calendar. Adjust the watch and the day using the crown.   How to Choose a Chronograph Watch You need to be practical in using a chronograph watch. Some units are visually pleasing yet aren’t that functional. Here are some tips you need to consider:   Choose a watch that is easy to read. The main purpose of a wrist watch is to tell time. If your watch could not tell the time or even be used as a stopwatch, then it is useless. Make sure that the chronograph watch you choose shows each dial clearly. The color of the watch hands should contrast the base or the background. Otherwise, it would be very hard for you to read them   Choose a trusted brand We know there are a lot of watches you can buy. Some are cheap and some are heaven-high expensive. Before grabbing the cheapest watch you can reach, remember that there are affordable men’s watches that can guarantee to offer durable and chic design.One of these brands is Megir Watches. Megir’s chronograph watches are assured quality that endure rough terrains, heavy showers, and tense conference rooms. Each unit is carefully crafted to be on the best style but not falling behind in functionality. Our chronograph watches are created simple and very reliable to help you keep track of time while you do your extreme sports. It is made simple and not overly complicated to make increase usability.No matter what hobby you are into. It may be wall climbing, mountain climbing, car racing, parachute gliding, or plane piloting, we have the right unit for you. Order a Megir’s wrist watch now and enjoy the active living.